I'm a UX and UI designer based in London, UK. I focus on designing successful products that are not only simple to use but are customer focused and meets the user's needs.
In the beginning
I started as a software programmer, troubleshooter & a technical analyst for 10 years having worked for retail giants in the UK. I have designed business and technical solutions for my clients and have troubleshot problems using my analytical skills. These served as the foundation for my transition into being a designer.
And then
I have always been of the curious type. Design fascinates me and I appreciate beauty.
The transition into UX was seamless. I began taking online courses, which immediately confirmed my passion for design. I was immediately drawn towards UX Academy which offers great online curriculum, real life projects, ability to discuss with peers and get feedback on your work with experienced mentors. So, I immediately enrolled myself for a full time curriculum. Following a disciplined curriculum under the guidance of my mentor, I have become a better designer each day. I have designed few products and was involved in User Research, creating Personas, Wireframes and UI design.
Design philosophy
Design is simplicity & decluttering. I focus on all stages of the Design Thinking process. I talk to users to figure out what a product should be and build products for the people that will use them. Furthermore, I believe the best design is the one that makes a company successful and keeps their users satisfied. I believe there's always a better way to do something and our work can always be improved.

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