Canaree finance

SaaS platform to help startups and scale ups to manage their finances better.


Most startups and scale-ups need financial models to show the potential investors how they will generate revenue, build a team and budget expenses. This is traditionally done in spreadsheets and have a huge learning curve, especially for those who don't have a finance background.

Canaree, a SaaS startup, helps such businesses to manage their finances better. The platform lets users, mostly founders or CEOs, to create financial models that they can then share with investors.

The goal of the project was to speed up the process of creating a financial model, but also simplify the workflow. Not only that, ready-made templates for SaaS, Marketplace & E-commerce and an ability to choose a pricing models help users create their models in minutes. The platform is a budgeting software but smarter in that it generates automatic financial advices that users can easily understand by comparing their data with industry benchmarks.


SaaS, Fintech


UX engineer


2019 - 2021



1. Design a web application to create financial models, intelligent advice and dashboard.

2. Design a responsive marketing website

Target users

Startup and scale-up founders / CEOs


UX and UI Engineer


Pen and paper, Sketch, Webflow

Design process


Market research

Competitive analysis

User interviews

Contextual enquiries



Empathy maps

Problem statements



User flows



Lo-fi prototypes

Hi-fi prototypes


Usability testing

Affinity maps


  • Comprehensive user and market research to redefine the feature set and priority (New product roadmap).
  • Comprehensive financial management and budgeting platform.
  • Fail fast approach: brainstorming, feature extraction, prioritisation.
  • Technical feasibility sessions, iterations and setting achievable goals.
  • Lo-Fi wireframe to Hi-Fi prototypes in Sketch.
  • User feedback sessions with early designs.
  • Comprehensive style guide with assets, behaviour and styling rules.
  • Designed and maintained the marketing website on Webflow.
  • Collaborate with marketing team to create websites, landing pages and run growth experiments.
  • More designs, components, design system and demos available in person
  • Detailed case study is now available


Working at Canaree, a Fintech startup, has given me a valuable experience. User research to discover the user needs and define the right problems to solve, suggesting feature set and priorities that directly impacts the KPIs i.e. business goals and crafting experiences that were both useful but also beautiful.

Furthermore, I was able to help Canaree successfully launch the product and then to paying customers. 
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